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First one!

2008-08-17 01:39:51 by CFCBluestribute

My first game got uploaded and approved barely. Put nonetheless, it's uploaded


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2008-08-17 08:58:53

That's actually pretty cool. The graphics SUCKED, the gameplay wasn't that good, but it was pretty amazing for this being made on Scratch.

How did you get the game to end at a certain point, and then bring up a screen?

Also, how did you get the rain to speed up over time?

If you can answer these question, you get an epic win award.


2008-08-18 01:41:28

Was it made in scratch? I wasn't aware there was a .sb to .swf converter out there...

Anyways, sorry to see you leave Scratch, Bluestribute. If you ever need help with Flash, I'm somewhat experienced with it.

Good luck with the game!